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State of Illinois Governor's Mansion Renovation

The Henneman Engineering team provided complete engineering services for the $10M renovation of this historic structure, parts of which date back to 1855.  All new MEP systems were carefully integrated into the architectural fabric to become almost invisible, and to maintain the historic character of a building frequented by Lincoln and Grant, and is an important monument to our State’s history.


USP 800 Adoption & Henneman Engineering

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving to improve patient and worker safety. Building codes and standards guide the design and installation of state-of-the-art systems to maximize safety and product quality.


While facilities are accustomed to the USP 797 - PHARMACUEUTICAL COMPOUNDING - STERILS PREPARATIONS requirements for sterile compounding the requirements associated with USP 800 - HAZARDOUS DRUGS - HANDLING IN HEALTHCARE SETTINGS for hazardous medications is relatively recent and will result in adjustments to existing facilities. Facilities and spaces used for compounding hazardous medications must be USP 800 compliant prior to its adoption on June 1, 2018.


Henneman Engineering has provided engineering and commissioning services for high performance facilities for over 55 years and has assisted numerous clients identify necessary improvements to meet USP 800 requirements. These services include site investigations, system testing, improvement recommendations, and system optimization design and the related process recommendations.


For several years Henneman has been providing MEP and structural design support for the installation of pharmaceutical compounding cleanrooms for a national commercial pharmacy company. While it is important for those facilities to ensure that we are meeting the minimum requirements of USP 797, and more recently USP 800, these cleanrooms are often designed to owner standards that are much higher.


These projects occur all over the United States and Henneman has become accustomed to obtaining the necessary professional licensures and referencing the myriad of codes that are applicable in the various municipalities. Each one of these lab settings is unique and often installed inside of existing buildings. We have a long history of addressing the details necessary to incorporate technically challenging new projects into renovation situations.


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