Village of Oswego Police Station


Oswego, Illinois


Henneman Engineering is currently providing design engineering services for a new 70,000 sf Police Station for the Village of Oswego, Illinois. The new building which will accommodate the operational needs of a progressive Municipal Police Department serving a growing community. will house all police department functions including a jail, indoor firing range, evidence laboratory, and offices as well as a community center and gym/locker rooms. The building is being designed with sustainability features with goal of achieving LEED Silver certification

Henneman is providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and Information Technology design services on this exciting project. Cooling is provided with high efficiency magnetic bearing air–cooled chillers; heating is via high efficiency condensing boilers supplemented by a solar hot water system utilizing high efficiency evacuated tube solar hot water thermal collectors acting as the walls of the tower. Roof-mounted and indoor air handlings units with energy recovery wheels serve variable air volume distribution system. The firing range AHU incudes three-levels of filtration on both supply and exhaust.  Radiant floor heat is provided in the entry and lobby areas. The lighting will be high efficiency LED; daylight harvesting will allow the reduction of lighting levels during the day.  Domestic hot water will be generated with condensing-type hot water heaters.  Low-flow plumbing fixtures with electronic controls will minimize water consumption.

Henneman is also performing the energy modeling in support of the LEED certification. We are currently predicting to reduce energy consumption of the building by 24% as compared to the code-defined baseline. 


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