West Side Branch Library

Gail Borden Public Library District

Elgin, Illinois

The new 10,000-square-foot branch library will be located on a green site in an area of Elgin undergoing rapid development.  The significant amount of available land around the site will be utilized for storm water management and retention ponds, among other uses.  Design goals include targeting a LEED Silver rating via incorporation of ground-source heat pumps with geothermal exchange at horizontal trenches.  Building systems will be further optimized through the use of demand-controlled ventilation, heat recovery at a dedicated makeup air unit, tankless water heaters, advanced, low-emissivity windows, and other energy-efficient design features.  Building infrastructure is being designed and sized to accommodate future expansion efforts adjacent to the building.  The project has been awarded a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.

Completion Date

Square Feet
10,000 square feet

Total Construction Cost