Wind Turbine

Richland Community College

Decatur, Illinois

This project came about when Richland Community College, located in Decatur, Illinois, received a donation from an anonymous donor to fund a wind turbine project.  BLDD, the project architect, headed up the project and hired Henneman as a sub-consultant to address the electrical needs of the project. They also hired a wind energy consultant to help determine the wind turbine design and size options.

Based on the amount of funds available, the team determined a 100kW Wind Turbine was within the budget. Henneman’s role was to design the electrical connection between the Richland electrical system and the wind turbine, and also specify the isolation transformer located at the base of the turbine. The turbine was located adjacent to the new "Richland Center for Sustainability and Innovation" building. This building was going for LEED certification and the goal was for the wind turbine to allow it to achieve three points for supplying 12.5% of the buildings annual electrical needs with on-site renewable energy.

This project was on a fast track schedule and had to be done by September 1, in time for the Farm Progress show that occurs adjacent to the property. We were successful in completing this project on time and on budget.

Completion Date