Music Building, Paul Voertman Concert Hall Commissioning and TAB

University of North Texas

Denton, Texas


The College of Music at the University of North Texas is recognized as one of the nation’s top comprehensive music schools. The 1960s building, which had been home to the music program, contained technology comparable to a high school auditorium of that era. The University’s goal was to provide an optimal performance venue for performers and the audience.

With this renovation project, a large and dated 625-seat concert hall located in the Music Building has been converted into a 380-seat hall to fill a need for a quiet, intimate performance space. The redesigned state-of-the-art concert hall has a smaller stage and a more intimate environment better suited to faculty and student recitals, chamber music, and small ensemble concerts. The $6.4 million,13,101-square-foot space has been named the Paul Voertman Concert Hall in honor of Denton philanthropist Paul Voertman.
The project involved new MEP systems, central plant improvements, upgraded lighting, new audio system with surround sound capabilities, multi-layered walls for sound isolation, control booth, new interior finishes, and lobby makeover. The building’s central plant, located directly beneath the stage, generated excessive noise and vibration that interfered with acoustics. The stage shell was replaced to isolate noise from the plant, and upgraded mechanical ductwork helps alleviate sound transmission to the stage. Two acoustical clouds that can be adjusted to fit the acoustical needs of each performance have been added to the ceiling of the stage. Lobby renovations included a partially raised ceiling, television monitor to display performances and campus news, and upgraded and expanded restrooms for ADA compliance.
Henneman Engineering provided commissioning and TAB services, and was contracted directly with the Owner. Project commissioning and TAB services were initiated at the start of the construction phase, but included a design review and OAC coordination meeting to kick-off the Cx/TAB process.

Completion Date

Square Feet
13,101 square feet