Rendleman Hall Retro-Commissioning Services

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Edwardsville, Illinois


Henneman Engineering was contracted to provide a comprehensive retro-commissioning (R-Cx) analysis with recommendations for possible performance improvements at the Rendleman Hall administrative office building on the campus of SIUE. Henneman conducted multiple surveys of the building, tested select areas of the HVAC system, and analyzed past energy usage of the building to compile an energy model for evaluation of the energy impact of potential improvements.

To address some of the functional and performance deficiencies identified during the R-Cx analysis, Henneman developed a list of potential Facility Improvement Measures to be considered for implementation.

The retro-commissioning of Rendleman Hall was a pilot program for SIUE and included a complete review of the original system's plans as well as current field conditions and operating protocols of the HVAC systems, including interface with the campus chilled water system.

The project included verification of existing conditions, recommendations for system repairs and upgrades, diagnostic testing of HVAC distribution systems, computer simulation energy modeling, and documentation of the potential operating savings to be generated through implementation of certain performance improvement measures.

Completion Date