Carlson Hall Commissioning Services

University of Wisconsin

Whitewater, Wisconsin


This project constructed 5,550 gross square feet of new space and renovated 50,000 associated square feet/77,300 gross square feet of existing classroom and office space into primarily office and laboratory space in Carlson Hall as department and faculty offices for the College of Letters and Science.

The first addition totaled 4,000 gross square feet on the east side, to house the primary entrance,
vertical circulation, and collaboration spaces.  A 1,050-gross-square-foot addition was built at the 4th
floor level for conferences and collaborations space, and three other small additions (totaling 500
gross square feet) were also constructed at the northwest corner of the building at the 1st floor level to
improve the east entry and receiving area.

Work included the demolition of walls and building systems, currently serving as classroom and office spaces, and replacing this space with office and laboratory spaces. This project also included the replacement of the deteriorating air handling unit, cooling coils, outside air dampers, HVAC distribution fans, pneumatic HVAC controls, electrical, and lighting systems.

Henneman Engineering provided commissioning services for the project.

Completion Date

Total Construction Budget