Solar Energy

Solar electric, also known as photovoltaics (PV), converts sunlight directly into electricity. Sunlight excites electrons in a solar panel and sends the electrons through an inverter that changes those photons into usable electricity for your home or business.

With help from the sun, PV systems are able to produce an endless supply of clean, non-polluting energy which is completely safe for our environment. One great thing about PV is that it can be sized and installed to fit almost anywhere, allowing everyone to harness the power of the sun. PV systems are easy to attractively integrate at homes and businesses alike and have very low maintenance.

Accelerated Pay Backs in Central Illinois
HWS Energy Partners, an affiliate of HEI, has three (3) solar Pv installations of approximately 12 Kw each.  They are installed in Illinois with payback of  3 Years!

These projects are provided “Turnkey” by HWS Energy Partners and are completed within three (3) months of contract execution.

Maintenance To Solar Panels

With PV, maintenance is very minimal. There are no moving parts to wear out.  Safe, clean, no bi-product emitted energy...what a concept!

Batteries and Grid-tied Systems

Batteries are not required for PV systems, unless you want to have back-up power when the power grid is down. Modern PV systems are tied into your existing power system, and can feed any extra power back out into the grid. If the grid goes down, the inverter automatically shuts down to protect utility workers.

If you choose to install a battery system, you can still stay connected to the power grid, but also have a reliable power source when the grid is off. The battery back-up system also automatically stops serving power to the grid in the case of a shutdown to protect utility workers.

HWS Energy Partners Services

  • Site Survey with structural, electrical, and financial analysis.
  • Fixed Price Proposal
  • Turnkey Installation.  Including engineering procurement, construction, and project management.  (Permits, rebate form preparation and financial consultation also included.)