Wind Power Energy

As windpower in the United States has taken off, Henneman Engineering has established itself as a leading provider of engineering services to the windpower industry.  

Understanding the big picture
Henneman's engineers assist windpower clients with everything from preconstruction permitting and geotechnical investigations to foundation design and construction oversight.  We have a multidisciplinary team that provides an understanding of where you’re going—and how to get there—before your project even begins.  

Environmental permitting assistance

Our environmental experts can assist you with all aspects of the permitting process, including wetland delineation, permitting, and mitigation; natural and cultural resource reviews; wildlife studies; noise assessments; stormwater permitting; and community relations assistance.

Windpower site investigation

To help with the site selection process, Henneman Engineering provides desktop studies, preliminary investigations, and fi nal investigations of proposed windpower sites. Our desktop studies involve the early gathering of information for use in planning, which allows us to identify potential hazards to the cost and viability of a project. We conduct preliminary investigations for foundation design and cost estimating, and we prepare fi nal investigations of potential wind turbine sites, including of aspects applicable to roadway and electrical design.

Geotechnical and structural engineering

Our wind turbine foundation designs are based on careful site assessments, as well as economics. Working with our clients, our geotechnical and structural engineers conduct a comprehensive subsurface investigation, analyze the results, and design a foundation system suited to that site.

During a site investigation, we use in-situ testing to evaluate ground conditions and soil parameters. We then perform a comprehensive analysis to evaluate bearing capacity, amount of settlement, stress levels, deformation levels, overall stability, ground improvement, and dynamic ground behavior.  We select a foundation type that is reliable and economical, and we prepare specifi cations and drawings for construction.

Electrical engineering
Henneman Engineering has electrical engineers with decades of experience providing services to the power industry.  Much of their work focuses on the design, construction, and operation of power generation systems, including below- and above-ground transmission, distribution, relaying, and related equipment.  Henneman's electrical engineers have provided services on the interconnect of generation projects to electric utility grids, including wind power.

Henneman’s electrical engineering services also include supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. The systems can include telephone, radio, fiber, and microwave communication. The systems range from simple alarm systems to full data and telemetry equipment that allows for remote control of the facilities.


One of the specific projects that Henneman Engineering designed was for Richland Community College in Decatur, Illinois.


This project came about when Richland Community College received a donation from an anonymous donor to fund a wind turbine project.  BLDD, the project architect, headed up the project and hired Henneman as a sub-consultant to address the electrical needs of the project. They also hired a wind energy consultant to help determine the wind turbine design and size options.

Based on the amount of funds available, the team determined a 100kW Wind Turbine was within the budget. Henneman’s role was to design the electrical connection between the Richland electrical system and the wind turbine, and also specify the isolation transformer located at the base of the turbine. The turbine was located adjacent to the new "Richland Center for Sustainability and Innovation" building. This building was going for LEED certification and the goal was for the wind turbine to allow it to achieve three points for supplying 12.5% of the buildings annual electrical needs with on-site renewable energy.

This project was on a fast track schedule and had to be done by September 1, in time for the Farm Progress show that occurs adjacent to the property. We were successful in completing this project on time and on budget.