Lighting Design Services

Successful lighting solutions are achieved by blending the right combination of design and engineering. Technical issues, such as compliance and performance, are balanced with aesthetics to create an inviting and safe space.


Experience is the key to success

Henneman Engineering has the ability and experience to provide complete custom lighting designs, as an integrated part of the MEP/IT services we regularly provide.  And as an added bonus, we have professional engineers that are lighting certified.

We know the importance that facilities place on lighting that is not only functional, but beautiful and unique.  Healthcare facilities have particular needs for high quality lighting as an important part of a healing environment.

We recognize the difference between the vision and the realization.  We have a proven track record of taking a vision and turning it into reality--attractively, on time, on budget, and in a way that is easy to maintain for years to come!

We are intimately involved throughout the design process.

We have the engineering expertise needed to ensure that our lighting plans conform to all life safety and energy codes, and are compatible with your power and controls systems. In addition, our lighting professionals work with all members of the project team to develop designs which enhance the architectural vision, meet task and user needs, complement the interior design, and anticipate and prevent conflicts with structural and mechanical trades.


Project Experience

  • University Campuses
  • Correctional/Prison Facilities
  • Governmental Complexes
  • Community College Campuses
  • Healthcare Complexes
  • Manufacturing Facilities