Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacement

Meriter Hospital

Madison, Wisconsin

Henneman Engineering replaced all existing chillers and cooling towers to provide adequate climate control on warm, humid days.

The 1997 chilled water load study was updated to reflect current load conditions. Several requirements for equipment, considered refrigerant types for efficiency and validated present chilled water loop pipe were large enough were looked at. Cooling tower options were investigated as well as installation of an indoor sump for lighter off season loads. An estimated energy load impact analysis of the proposed equipment was conducted along with estimates for options and cost infection control protection.

Henneman provided all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design engineering.

Project Included:
•     Renovation of 4,050-ton chiller plant
•     Removal of two existing chillers; replaced with two 1,400-ton chillers
•     Reused existing 1,250-ton chiller
•     Provision to install additional capacity in future

Completion Date

Total Construction Cost