Construction Administration Services

Henneman Engineers provides comprehensive services to public and private clients from conceptual design through project design, and construction administration and inspection. Our firm provides construction administration and inspection services including acting as the Owner's Representative for various construction projects throughout the United States.  Our firm brings unique expertise and capabilities to each project, including an excellent track record in planning, design, construction administration, and full-time, on-site inspection services.

During the construction phase of a project we provide close supervision and related services to coordinate the project with the Owner, Design Professionals and Subconsultants. Our Project Engineers oversee a contractor’s work to ensure proper construction techniques, materials, equipment, and personnel are employed throughout the duration of the project and monitor the contractor’s progress and compliance with the Contract Documents. Our firm provides a close review of a contractor’s sequence of operations and progress schedule to ensure the successful and timely completion of the project.


Some of the more detailed Construction Administration duties are as follows:

  • Establish and maintain a tracking system for all Project construction records (RFI’s, ASI’s, RFP/CO’s)
  • Chair all meetings scheduled by the Owner or Project Engineer and provide minutes
  • Review the Contractor’s Project Schedule, Schedule of Values, Submittal Schedule, and Equipment Matrix and list of proposed subcontractors
  • Review periodic updates of all schedules with Owner and Contractor
  • Conduct Pre-Construction Conference at the site prior to start of construction by the Contractor
  • Be Owner’s representative during the Construction Phase, advising and consulting accordingly
  • Visit the site at least once each week during construction to observe progress and quality of the Work
  • Ensure that consultants visit the site at least once each week to observe progress and quality of the Work related to the consultant’s discipline
  • Submit written reports of site visits and meetings
  • Keep the Owner  informed of the progress and quality of the Work
  • Notify Owner and Contractor in writing of any work not in conformity with the Construction Documents
  • Make recommendations as to correction of the deficiencies or defects
  • Prepare an agenda, conduct, and provide minutes for monthly job conferences with all parties attending
  • Certify Contractor’s Application for Payment in an appropriate amount
  • Interpret technical requirements of the Contract Documents and judge Contractor’s work performance render interpretations necessary for the proper execution or progress of the Work
  • Review construction materials testing
  • Review and take appropriate action on Contractor’s submittals
  • Respond to Contractor’s inquiries and questions and provide supplemental information as appropriate
  • Clarify and interpret the intent and scope of the Construction Documents
  • Provide assistance in the review of the Contractor’s requests for change orders
  • Prepare Change Orders for the Owner’s approval and execution
  • Prepare revised Contract Drawings to illustrate and document approved Change
  • Conduct and participate in concealed space observations, systems start-up observations, systems integration/operational demonstrations, Substantial Completion or pre-Final work observations to determine the Dates of Substantial Completion, and Final work observation
  • Prepare, assemble and distribute the official punchlist(s)
  • Review Contractor’s guarantees and warranties
  • Assist the Owner in checking as-built drawings in regard to certifying progress payments
  • Review as-built documents for completeness at Substantial Completion and Final Completion
  • Review Contractor’s record drawings, O&M  instructions, and all other close-out documentation
  • Certify final payment to the Contractor when the requirements of the Contract
  • Monitor the Contractor’s schedule for the construction phase work
  • Assist the Owner in reviewing all relevant activities and advise the Owner of scheduled progress.
  • Provide milestone schedule to be submitted on a monthly basis prior to construction payment application.
  • Advise Owner on Warranty items, inspect Warranty work, and participate in one year warranty review