Strategic thinking.  Thorough analysis.  Innovative solutions.  This is what makes our approach to chilled water systems design different…and better in the long run for our clients.


Reliable, energy-saving design

Innovative engineering solutions are essential for today’s state-of-the-art facilities.  Our experts work collaboratively with clients to develop integrated systems that offer flexibility and reduce energy costs.

From analysis and specifications to installation and staff training, our extensive knowledge of chilled water systems ensures proper operation right from start-up.  And our many years of experience with project phasing enables us to bring systems on line with minimal service disruptions.

Master Planning

The right design begins with the right plan.  We excel at creating master plans that anticipate the cooling needs of your facilities and campuses – now and in the future.

Our multi-disciplinary approach includes components such as facility assessment, energy audits, life cycle cost analysis, economic analysis and systems modeling.  The Henneman team also gathers input from key personnel who are responsible for the actual operation and maintenance of your facilities.

The result is a comprehensive master plan, including a systems strategy, that serves as a blueprint for the future.


Customized Solutions

Save energy.  Improve reliability.  Reduce maintenance costs.  At Henneman Engineering, we use state-of-the-art computer modeling to evaluate alternative systems and determine the best option for your facilities.  We also specify the most energy-efficient solutions available, including:


Chillers – Reciprocating, screw, centrifugal (open and hermetic), absorbers, turbine-driven and air- or water-cooled chillers


Central Systems – High delta T systems and variable speed pumping; primary, secondary and tertiary systems


Distribution Systems – Shallow and walk-through tunnels as well as direct buried piping systems

Thermal Storage – Save energy costs by using thermal storage to shift all or part of your cooling load to lower off-peak electric rates


Cogeneration – Generate chilled water by using your facility’s excess steam capacity and/or waste heat recovery