Rising juvenile crime… growing inmate populations… increasing detention caseloads.  With more and more demands being placed on the system, criminal justice professionals need experienced, reliable partners for the future.


Comprehensive engineering services

Whether you’re building a new juvenile detention center or renovating a maximum security prison, you need the expertise of a dependable, professional engineering team.  Henneman Engineering has a proven record working with the criminal justice system.  We provide solutions that accommodate both current and future needs, yet are sensitive to security issues, energy conservation concerns and cost considerations.  Our team is also experienced in piloting new systems, and we know the importance of equipment accessibility and maximizing separation of systems.

The public relies on the criminal justice system to help ensure a safe society.  The criminal justice system, in turn, relies on professional partners to help meet the challenge.  Henneman Engineering is familiar with the demands of your environment and is committed to finding innovative solutions to your unique problems.

We understand your concerns about security issues, indoor air quality and systems reliability.  Our knowledge of ACA standards and our extensive experience working with criminal justice clients enable us to provide you with design-proven systems to address these concerns and more.  Henneman is accustomed to fast-track schedules, project phasing and court-ordered deadlines, and we have a reputation for quality, reliability and timeliness.


Project Experience

We’ve worked with governmental agencies on every level – federal, state, county and municipal.

  • Prisons
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Jails
  • Juvenile Facilities
  • Detention Centers
  • Courthouses
  • Reception and Classification Centers
  • Detention Medical Facilities
  • Police Administrative Facilities